Vegan Cheddar Cheese

200 g


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Les Cueilleurs de Tingwick
Product of Quebec, Vegan / Plant-Based

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Vegan cheddar-style fauxmage is a champion for your recipes that demand a premium quality fauxmage that melts to perfection. Its pronounced cheddar flavor and light crystallized finish remind us of 2-year-old cheddars. Lovers of good food will recognize the comfort of a good poutine with this cubed cheddar vegan cheese served under a good hot sauce that will harmonize everything!!

Add the grated vegan cheese to gratinate at the end of cooking. Cook for 2 minutes at 550F to melt the cheese just right.

Ingredients : Water, modified potato starch, organic coconut oil,  sea salt, lemon juice, natural vegetable flavoring, food coloring. 

Conservation(kept refrigerated: Our vegan cheese can be preserved 150 days in vacuum-sealed packaging and 20 days when opened.

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