Vegan Mozzarella Cheese

200 g


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Les Cueilleurs de Tingwick
Product of Quebec, Vegan / Plant-Based

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The mozzarella-type fauxmage is excellent for pizzas or any other gratin dish! Its melting side will make you rediscover the passion of cooking with vegan cheeses. Its mild and somewhat salty taste reminds us of a light creamy taste followed by a finish reminiscent of the European origins of mozzarella..
Add the grated fauxmage to gratinate at the end of cooking. Cook for 2 minutes at 550F to melt the vegan cheese just right.

Ingredients : Water, modified potato starch, organic coconut oil,  sea salt, lemon juice, natural vegetable flavoring, food coloring. 

Conservation ( (keep refrigerated: Our vegan cheese can be preserved 150 days in vacuum-sealed packaging and 20 days when opened..

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